Identify and Get Rid of Spider Egg Sacs

Spiders are a common pest in households throughout Utah. While most are just a nuisance, weaving their webs indoors or outside and making your family feel uncomfortable, some can actually be dangerous. To protect yourself and your loved ones against the threat posed by spider bites, get our team at Elevate Pest Control on your side. As Utah pest control professionals, we can quickly and effectively eliminate any spider problems you may be experiencing. One of the first steps in dealing with an infestation is uncovering where spiders are breeding and laying their eggs. The following offers some guidelines for how to identify these areas in your home. 

Are Spiders a Problem in Your Home?

There are hundreds of different types of spiders that can be found in Utah. They can infest porches, sheds, and other outdoor areas while gaining entry inside through open doors or windows, cracks or gaps in your siding, and through holes used for cable lines and household pipes. Spiders can also be transported in through items such as plants, produce, camping equipment, storage boxes and delivery packages. Among those that are most likely to create a problem for homeowners include: 

  • Yellow sac spiders, which are among the most common spider species found in Utah homes;
  • Wolf spiders, which are large brown spiders classified as one of the most dangerous species in Utah;
  • Hobo spiders, which also have a dangerous bite but are so fast-moving they can be hard to identify;
  • Brown recluse spiders, which are also highly dangerous and have distinctive markings along the back;
  • Black widow spiders, which are hourglass-shaped with distinctive red marks and are one of the most feared types of spiders in Utah. 

Identifying Spider Egg Sacs

Like so many household pests, seeing even a single spider often indicates a much larger underlying problem. If you have concerns about spiders around your home, one of the first things you should do is check for the presence of egg sacs. 

Spiders go through a three-stage life cycle. They develop from eggs that turn into nymphs before becoming full-fledged adults. Depending on the type of spider, they may breed anywhere from the spring to the early fall months. When they do, they keep their eggs in silken sacs to protect them against predators. These sacs can contain anywhere from 150 to 300 eggs. Identifying spider egg sacs can be difficult for anyone other than a trained pest professional as they often vary in color, size, and shape. The following tips can help you identify them around your home: 

  • Look for silky sacs that are either round or flat shaped;
  • In terms of color, spider egg sacs can vary from off white to brown;
  • Depending on the species and the number of eggs they lay, the size of the egg sac will vary as well. Some are small where others may be larger than the spider itself. 

Common Places to Find Spider Egg Sacs

Spider egg sacs can be found hanging in spider webs, on plant leaves and branches, or in any dark corner of your home. Some species, such as the wolf spider, may even carry the egg sacs with them on their backs. It is a good idea to get our Utah pest professionals to do a visual check for spider egg sacs, particularly during the spring and in the hot, dry summer months. Places they are most likely to be found in your home or around your property include: 

  • Hanging in eaves and in the corners of your porch or deck;
  • In attics, crawlspaces, and other storage places;
  • Under countertops, in closets, and other undisturbed areas inside your home. 
  • In garages, sheds, or other outdoor areas.

If you think you have located a spider egg sac, do not attempt to get rid of it yourself. Some spiders can be aggressive, particularly when it comes to defending their nest. As a result, your chances of getting bit are high. Depending on the stage of the developing eggs, disturbing them can be dangerous as well. 

Contact Our Utah Pest Control Professionals Today

As your Utah pest control professionals, we can help you in safely and effectively eliminating spiders and their egg sacs from around your home. Call or contact Elevate Pest Control online and request a free consultation today.

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