Rodents Found in Utah

Utah is simply bursting with wonderful wildlife. That wildlife is made all the more wonderful for the fact that it stays out of your home and the area surrounding it. Rats and mice in particular can be quite difficult to deal with and cause a number of sanitary problems that you’d rather not subject yourself or your family to. In addition, bats, skunks, raccoons, gophers, moles, and voles can all cause their own issues.

If rodents have taken a liking to your home, there is an effective solution that you can deploy to safely and efficiently manage the problem. Elevate Pest Control can eradicate a current infestation and prevent a future one. Regardless of which rodent is disturbing your home, our skilled technicians can manage the infestation. Give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment with a rodent exterminator in Utah today.

You Must Deal with Rodent Infestation Quickly

Rodents carry a number of diseases that can not only infect humans—they can kill us. They can also harm our pets. It’s important to deal with a rodent infestation quickly to avoid possible exposure to feces and urine.

Once they’re in your home, you can do all the cleaning you want. This will not get rid of them. Further, many homeowners make the mistake of confusing rats with mice. They are different species and what works on rats will not work on mice.

Getting Rid of Rats in Your Area

By the time rats have invaded your home, your perimeter has been compromised. The first thing that we have to do is ensure that we shore up any entryways in your home. Otherwise, using baits can draw in more rats from the outside. Further, if you use mouse traps on rats, they’re not going to work. You need to ensure you’re using the correct traps with the right bait. Rats and mice have different nutritional needs. While there is some overlap, there are also key differences that you need to consider when deploying a trap.

Getting Rid of Mice in Utah

Mice are every bit as unsanitary as rats. The only thing they have going for them is their smaller. This, however, makes it easier for them to get into your home. Getting rid of an infestation is one thing, but it won’t last long if you don’t prevent it from happening again.

Elevate Pest Defense can identify weak spots along your foundation and in your attic as key spots where mice can invade. Mice are excellent climbers and can fit into very tight spots. They can also walk tightropes in between homes on electrical wires. So your entire home needs to be examined for breaches.

Getting Rid of Bats Around Your Home

Bats are frightening. Even Batman was afraid of bats. That’s why he called himself Batman. They can also spread diseases. While the risk of infection is far lower than mice or rats, this is particularly because most bat-borne illnesses need to be spread by a bite.

For those who are either scratched or bitten by a bat, it’s important to clean the wound with antiseptic immediately and watch it to make sure it does not get infected. Triple antibiotic cream can be helpful but some folks choose to go to the hospital after a bat bite. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Elevate Pest Control can manage your bat problem.

Skunks and Raccoons

Skunks and raccoons are more of a nuisance than a serious threat, but if they set up a nest in your attic or house, they can cause problems. They can also tear up your lawn. If you’re having issues with skunks or raccoons, Elevate Pest Control can deploy a strategy that will make your property less desirable to these creatures.

Gophers, Moles, and Voles

Underground rodents can present their own host of problems. While they’re not likely to invade your home in search of food, they can tear up pipes and electrical lines underground. There are a number of good ways to significantly reduce their population but they have to be deployed properly. The technicians at Elevate Pest Control can conduct a survey of your property and advise you on how to limit the destruction that these subterranean pests can cause.

Elevate Pest Control: The Cache Valley Extermination Experts You Need

Elevate Pest Control prides ourselves on safely and efficiently managing pest control problems in your home or on your property. If you’re having a serious rodent issue, give us a call or talk to us online to set up an appointment.

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