Identifying and Eliminating Hobo Spiders this Fall

Whether you enjoy the color change in the leaves, the reduced temperature, or the calm before the holidays, fall is a beautiful time of the year. Unfortunately, the fall season also means that there are a lot of critters that want to find their way into your home. Hobo spiders in Utah aren’t specifically looking for a way inside. When the fall season hits, male hobo spiders leave their webs and begin looking for eligible female spiders. This time frame is when you are most likely to have a run in with a hobo spider. For more information about spiders, feel free to check out the hobo spider section of our learning center.

Cautious Identification

First off, you cannot positively identify a hobo spider based on color. Entomologists who have made the study of insects and spiders a part of their life have to use microscopes to give definitive identification. As a casual homeowner, you will not be able to positively identify a hobo spider. However, you will be able to tell when the spider is NOT a hobo. Having this base knowledge can help you avoid panic when confronted with an unknown spider.

  • Color: Hobo spiders can be a variety of brown shades, ranging from tan to dark brown. So, if the spider is not brownish in color then it is NOT a hobo. Unfortunately, there are a lot of little brown spiders.
  • Web Design: Hobo spiders make funnel webs. You will notice a flat plane descending into funnel. The funnel is where the spider hides. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different spiders that use the type of web design. So, if the web is NOT funnel shaped you will immediately know that you are not looking at a hobo spider.
  • The Shiny: If the legs of the spider are smooth and shiny then it is NOT a hobo spider. Like many little brown spiders, hobo spiders have fine hairs on their legs.
  • The Stripes: If you notice definitive stripes on the cephalothorax (the area where the legs meet the body), then you are NOT looking at a hobo spider. Hobo spiders do not have specific identifying characteristics; instead, they have an indistinct color scheme. Remember though, there are other little brown spiders that look a lot like a hobo spider.
  • Bands on the Legs: Once the spider in question stops for a moment, take a look at its legs. If you see bands or rings on the legs, then it is NOT a hobo spider. Hobo spiders have a uniform color on their legs. Still, though, this is a trait which is shared by many other spiders.

Elimination of Hobo Spiders in Utah

Here at Elevate Pest Control, we want you to have the answers you need to make informed decisions. If you have questions about spiders, you can visit our pest library. There are things you can do to reduce the number of hobo spiders in your home. Regular vacuuming, especially along your baseboards will help reduce the numbers of transient hobo spiders. You can also use sticky traps. One of the most effective ways to eliminate hobo spiders in Utah is to contact Elevate Pest Control. We have the tools, equipment, certifications and training needed to give you the hobo spider elimination strategies you need. We combine multiple treatment options so we can formulate a comprehensive treatment. You deserve a pest control company that has your best interests in mind. The way to protect your family from hobo spiders starts with a phone call to Elevate Pest Control.

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