Avoiding Spiders This Fall


Did you know that the top Halloween kid costume trends for 2018 are princesses and superheroes? For you moms and dads dressing up, the top costumes are witches and vampires. Now, whether you want to follow the trend, or break from it is up to you, but there will be something far scarier this Halloween than teenage trick-or-treaters. Fall means infestations. As the weather becomes cold, there are plenty of creepy critters that want to make your home, into their home. One of the most frightening species willing to sneak into your home is the spiders. Spiders come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common thing about them is they are able to fit their small bodies through the smallest gaps around your home. If you have a space under your door where you can see a bit of light, you are offering a potential entry point for spiders. The same can be said of your windows, and the gas, water, and electrical lines that run into your home. If there is a gap, spiders will find it. When you want Utah spider control, think Elevate Pest Control.

Taking the Fight to the Spiders

When you see a spider, you might immediately run for an over-the-counter pesticide. While spraying the spider directly will kill it, you need something that is working for you behind the scenes. That is where Elevate Pest Control can help. We have a variety of pest control devices and equipment. We use scientifically proven treatment methods that will target spiders inside and outside of your home. Halloween is the perfect time for great decorations, such as fake spider webs on your porch. With Elevate Pest Control, we will help you keep the ‘fake’ in fake spider webs. Our technicians work tirelessly on improving their ability to correctly identify spiders. There is a reason for this. Like supervillains, each type of spider comes with unique weaknesses. Once the type of spider is correctly identified, our technicians can create a treatment plan that targets those weaknesses. Our goal is to provide fall spider control that will get the spiders out of your home. We can even take steps to keep it that way.

Common Spider Infestations

Since we provide the type of Utah spider control you can count upon, our technicians see a lot of different spiders. We even have a pest library featuring some of the common spiders you are likely to see inside of your home. For instance, you might notice a small yellowish green spider that likes to create little sleeping bag nests out of spider silk. These bags are most common on the corners of your walls along the ceiling. You might even see a spider hiding out inside the bag. This type of spider is called the yellow sac spider and it is a nasty spider to have in your home. You see, most spiders will bite you only when they feel threatened. Yellow sac spiders will bite you for no reason. Another common Utah spider is the black widow. Black widows are a cobweb spider, and they build erratic, messy webs. They love to infest basements and other quiet places like your garage. Black widow spiders are a big threat because they pack a deadly neurotoxin within their venom. No matter which spider is causing you concern, all you need to do to get real fall spider control, is to contact Elevate Pest Control. We make it our business to eliminate spider infestations. When you want to protect your home and family from spiders, make the right call the first time. Call Elevate Pest Control and leave the spider elimination in our hands so you can enjoy a Halloween without nasty spiders.

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