Your Backyard Ant Battle for the BBQ

You have gone to a lot of work to prepare for your backyard barbeque. You’ve sent out invitations, purchased the food, prepared your lawn to look its best, and maybe even planted a few new flowers. Amid all of your preparations, did you ever think about your ongoing battle with ants? Whether you have set up tables or picnic blankets, you know that food will bring out the ants. Ants love sugary soda and beer; they also crave meat and savory barbeque sauce. Your whole backyard barbeque can easily be invaded by ants. If you need ant control, Elevate Pest Control is here to give you the help you need. Ant control is our specialty.

The Common Invaders

Pavement Ants:

One of the most common ant species you will find in your yard is the pavement ant. It is a little black ant that builds cone shaped mounds. Pavement ants love building their nests under sidewalks, driveways, paving stones, and rocks. Because they love sweets, they have also been called sugar ants. Pavement ants will gladly invade you home.

Red Harvester Ants:

The last thing you want is to have a family member or a guest accidentally stand in a red harvester ant pile while eating you famous barbequed ribs. Red harvester ants pack a powerful bite that will feel like a bee sting. A colony of red harvester ants can ruin sections of your lawn.

Carpenter Ants:

Most species of ant want to steal your food. Carpenter ants are out to ruin your home. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but they do chew through it to create galleries and pathways. If your home, deck, and fences are made from wood, carpenter ants will gladly chew into it. An infestation can get bad enough to ruin your home.

Odorous House Ant:

This type of ant would love to make a nest inside the wall voids of your home. Odorous house ants are tan to brownish in color and relatively small. The best way to identify an odorous house ant is to crush it. When crushed, an odorous house ant will emit an odor that smells like rotten coconut. If you have never smelled rotten coconut, all you need to do is find an odorous house ant and crush it.

Pest Control Near Me

When you are looking for a dedicated, professional pest control company with years of experience, you can count on Elevate Pest Control. We are a local company, so we understand the types of ant species that are common to our area. The very first step in powerful pest control is identification. When the pest is correctly identified, we are able to target specific weaknesses. Each ant species has its own weakness. Our holistic treatment plans use their weaknesses against them. We target the colony, the queen, the workers, the larva and the eggs. We combine a variety of treatment options to hit the ants in all of their life stages and at every turn. We use our resources to find the most effective ant control options. When all of these principles of pest control are combined, you get ant control you can rely upon. If you have a barbeque coming up and you want to keep the ants from ruining it, give us a call. If you are worried that your home or deck might have an infestation of carpenter ants, we have the tools to get them out of your home. No matter the type of ant or the severity of the infestation, we have the tool, training, and experience necessary to provide effective ant control. With Elevate Pest Control, you can say goodbye to ants.

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