A Mouse in your House is not your Friend

It is perfectly fine to see critters from nature while streaming your favorite shows. It is not perfectly fine to find a mouse eating your favorite breakfast cereal. When the critters from nature invade your home, you are in for a battle. A mouse might look cute and fluffy, but it definitely is not. Mice are maniacal home wreckers that are out to ruin your house and wreck your health. If you are looking for a superior rodent control service, you need to contact the professionals with Elevate Pest Control. Eliminating mice from your home or business is our specialty. We have the right equipment, experience, and problem solving skills you need to get the job done right.

A Single Mouse

When you think of a single mouse, you might wonder how such a little thing can be such a big threat. Well, when it comes to mice if you see one, there are plenty more in hiding. The reason that mice are scary is because of the diseases that they carry. Biologists refer to mice as a vector. Vectors are disease factories. Everywhere a mouse goes it leaves behind a trail of nasty viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. If a mouse chews a hole in your bread and you decide to make a sandwich, you are putting yourself near a ton of nasty sicknesses. You may have heard about Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, or Leptospirosis. Each of these diseases can make you extremely sick. Hantavirus can even be life threatening. The best way to protect your health from an infestation of mice is to get rid of them. That is when you can count on Elevate Pest Control. When you need professional rodent control service, you can count on us to provide real solutions.

Mice can ruin your health, but they will also damage your home. Mice are equipped with front teeth that never stop growing. In order to keep them at the right size, mice chew on everything. They will chew into your drywall, gnaw on your furniture, and make nests out of your clothing. Left to their own devices, mice will ruin your home and your health.

Why you need a Professional Rodent Control Service

When you call in the professionals with Elevate Pest Control, you can expect superior customer service. Our technicians are dedicated problem solvers. We arrive to your home with all of the necessary equipment and knowhow. The first thing we do is a bit of reconnaissance. You see, mice can fit their body through a hole that is the size of a nickel. Our technicians will do a perimeter walk around the outside of your home and check for potential entry points. We also check inside of your home to determine the scope of the infestation. We check crawl spaces, attics, and have the tools to determine the extent of the issue. Once we understand the problem, we work with you to create a pest control plan that is specific to your home and situation. Then we go to work.

We have the most current, scientifically proven, rodent control methods. Our technicians understand mice, and even more importantly, they know how to get them out of your house. With Elevate Pest Control, you can have a mouse free home. You can enjoy going to bed without hearing the sound of mice moving around in your attic, or getting into you cupboards. Imagine how nice it will be to get rid of the mice, and then call Elevate Pest Control to make your hopes come true. When you need a rodent control service, you can count on us.

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