Brown Spiders in Motion

Spiders come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and colors. You might have never noticed their coloring because whenever you spot one, you immediately reach for your shoe. While spiders do have a lot of colors, it seems like Mother Nature really likes to color a great number of her spiders brown. When it comes to your home, you have probably seen a lot of little brown spiders that have made it past your home’s security. Not all brown house spiders are friendly, some pack a potent bite. Elevate Pest Control wants to empower you to be able to identify the little brown house spiders that have invaded your home. When you need residential spider control, we provide professional support.

Our Pest Library

If you find a spider in your home and you want more information, you are in luck. Elevate Pest Control has put together a pest library. We even have a section dedicated to spiders. Elevate Pest Control is dedicated to providing superior spider control and helping you protect your family from spiders. We have listed a few of the common brown house spiders that might be coming to a bedroom near you.

Brown House Spiders

Wolf Spiders

While all spiders can produce spider silk, did you know that some spiders do not create webs? Take the wolf spider for instance. Wolf spiders do not create a web, instead they wander around looking to either ambush or chase down their prey. Their eight eyes arranged in three rows, gives them good eye sight. Wolf spiders can grow to be about 5 inches in length and will only bite you if they feel threatened. Female wolf spiders carry their young on their back. You have probably jumped back in terror if you accidentally bumped one and watched as tons of baby spiders explode off the spider’s back. Wolf spider bites are not life threatening. If you get bit, you may experience localized pain, swelling, and even itching. Whenever you get bit by a spider, try to capture it in a plastic bag. This will help medical professionals identify the culprit.

Yellow Sac Spider

Even though their name suggests they are yellow, these spiders can range in color from a light yellow to tan to brown. Yellow sac spiders love to build their bag like nests where your walls meet your ceiling. The biggest problem with yellow sac spiders is they are one of the few spiders that will bite for no reason. Their bites are immediately painful and have caused many homeowners to hate them.

Brown Recluse Spider

Bites from brown recluse spiders have been associated with skin necrosis and large open wounds. Whether this is caused from the venom or a secondary infection from bacteria is not fully known. No matter the source, make certain you use caution around the brown recluse. Brown recluse spiders have the notorious violin shape on their back. But the very best way to identify them is with their eyes. Other brown spiders have eight eyes, in various arrangements. Brown recluse spiders have six eyes that come in pairs. Each pair of eyes is arranged in a line across their head. Brown recluse spiders love woodpiles and stacks of cardboard. They build irregular webs to trap prey.

Elevate Pest Control

If your home has an infestation of spiders, Elevate Pet Control has the experience and technical science to help you eliminate spiders. We create an in home treatment plan that is specific to your home and area. Our plans will meet your needs and send the spiders packing. With regular service, we can keep the spiders out of your home for good. When you want real results, you need Elevate Pest Control on your side. If you have an issue with brown house spiders, give us a call. Eradicating spiders is what we do best.

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