Vindictive Voles

You might go most of your life without ever meeting a vole, but if you get an infestation in your yard, you will come to realize how nasty an infestation of voles can become. When it comes to your yard, voles are one of the most destructive creatures that Mother Nature can unleash. If you are facing a horde of voles, you have an ally with Elevate Pest Control. Since we understand voles, we can create a comprehensive treatment approach that will allow you to say goodbye to the voles and reclaim your yard. For the best rodent control company, think Elevate Pest Control. We are your source for residential rodent control.

What are Voles?

Voles have a few names. Some people refer to them as meadow mice or field mice, but voles are not mice. Like a mouse, voles are rodents. They transmit a lot of the same types of bacteria and viruses. While voles are not mice, they are closely related. Collectively, voles have small ears, small eyes, and smaller tails than their mousy relatives. While voles are a tiny bit larger than mice, the difference in size isn’t very great. Voles prefer to live outdoors, while mice love to try and find a way into your home. Still though, when it comes to yard damage, voles take the cake home with them.

Damage from Voles

You have probably seen voles damage around your home or that of a neighbors. During the winter, voles create tunnels under the snow. They will chew your grass down to the dirt and create branching pathways. Voiles do this to allow them to get around your yard when the snow is high. The tunnels allow them to get back to their den while hiding from predators. When the snow melts, your yard will be crisscrossed with these branching pathways and covered in numerous holes. You can decrease the runways in your grass by mowing your lawn short during the fall. Shorter grass will discourage tunnel building by voles, but if you have a larger infestation, they will tear up your grass no matter what precautions you take. The next bit of yard damage committed by these vindictive voles is aimed at your plants. Voles are mostly herbivores. They especially love eating the bark around the base of trees. If your tree is young, this eating behavior will girdle and kill your plants. Left alone, voles can complete alter your landscape. They can ruin your lawn and kill your favorite plants. Vole populations can increase quickly, because a female vole can birth several litters each year.

Local Rodent Control

Whether you are suffering from mice, rats, voles, or other rodents you can rely on Elevate Pest Control. Since we are your local pest control company, we are familiar with the different types of rodent infestations that can happen right where you live. If you have a question about a certain rodent or other pest, feel free to look at our pest learning center . You can discover the information about the type of rodent or pest that is causing damage to your home or yard. When you call us, you are getting the best rodent control company around. We pride ourselves in keeping current with the most scientifically proven treatment methods. We are continuously researching new and effective methods. When we arrive to your home, you know you are getting a licensed professional, who is a rodent control problem solver. Our technicians will be able to solve your rodent infestation puzzle and get your home and yard back to a pest free status. With Elevate Pest Control, you can say goodbye to voles and other rodents.

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