6 Common Utah Spiders

Spiders are among the more despised creatures on planet. Other feared animals include bears, snakes, sharks and lions but the difference between all these animals and the spider is that while they are all the things of nightmares, the spider is the only one that can end up in your bed with you when you wake up. If Americans woke up to an infestation of snakes or bears in their homes, you can be assured that snake and bear control professionals would be at their doorsteps immediately. Even though spiders are terrifying and dangerous, for some reason many homeowners think they can DIY spider control. While you might be able to get rid of a few of them, nothing works so effectively like local pest control from Elevate Pest Control for all those common Utah spiders. Here are a few more of Utah’s common house spiders.

1-Jumping spider

The Utah jumping spider is a harmless little fellow and if you look closely at him, his gigantic eyes might seem a little endearing. As its name suggest, the most disturbing thing about this spider is its jumping skills. Everyone imagines spiders creepily scurrying along but it just ups that ick factor another level when they can spring towards you.

2-Woodlouse spider

This red spider in Utah is hard to miss with its brightly colored body. The sight of it is quite unnerving because it is such a vibrant red. This spider is known for its sharp fangs that pierce its prey to devour the insides. The entree of choice for the woodlouse spider is usually a “potato bug,” “rolly polly,” “pill bug” or whatever you like to call them. While humans are not typically on their menu, they can bite and because of their massive fangs, their bite is painful.

3-Hobo spider

This common Utah spider builds funnel shaped webs and is recognized by its light brown body and gigantic pedipalps. These spiders can and do bite humans but are not as dangerous as once suspected. Now that you know it’s not deadly, that doesn’t mean you will set aside a bed for it. Elevate Pest Control is experienced at removing hobo spider infestations because though they are not poisonous, their bite is still painful.

4-Black widow spider

This spider is by far, one of the most feared spiders in Utah and not only that, it’s the most venomous spider in North America. Not only does its bite cause a disturbing amount of pain, it can be deadly. The physical symptoms of a black widow spider bite include fever, muscle pain, headache, high blood pressure, dizziness, vomiting and the list goes on. They are commonly found outside but they are known to come inside out of the freezing cold. You do not want to take chances with this spider around your family.

5-Wolf spider

The wolf spider looks like a mini tarantula but it is rather quick. It runs very fast and they are known to bite humans if you come too close. While their bite is not poisonous, it can be painful and take a long time to heal. Their fangs are rather large so when bitten, their fang marks are present on the skin.

6-Yellow sac spider

This spider is quite abundant in Utah and is known for the little sac-like web it creates in corners or along the seam of your wall and ceiling. Sac spiders are known to bite humans, especially if they are the unlucky inhabitants of one of your shoes or pieces of clothing. Their bite is painful, with inflammation, redness and oozing being common symptoms.

Effective spider control for common Utah spiders

Elevate Pest Control is experienced and educated in all of Utah’s most common spiders. We know their habits and where they like to hide and this knowledge helps us remove them from your home fast. Because we are spider experts, we know the best treatments to use and how to keep them away. Routine spider control treatments and inspections are key for a spider free home year round so call us today to make an appointment.

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