Why Fall Pest Control is Important in Cache Valley

As the weather gets cooler in Cache Valley, insects, rodents and other nuisance and damaging pests start to look for warm places to spend their winter. And as many homeowners can attest, sometimes these pests will find their way into homes or garages in Cache Valley. Having carpenter ants, lady beetles, box elder bugs and other annoying pests in your home can be a real problem, so it is a good idea to take preventative measures to keep these pests from entering your Cache Valley home in the first place.

There are many ways to “pest proof” your home, so before the weather gets too cold and winter sets in, consider these helpful tips to assist you in sealing your home up tight for the winter.

  • Seal any openings around your home
  • Seal cracks and gaps around windows and doors
  • Examine window and door screens for rips and holes
  • Install a chimney cap
  • Remove Woodpiles near your house
  • Don’t leave food out outside or inside your home
Elevate Pest Control Services

Elevate Pest Control specialized program can help manage pest infestations by utilizing custom treatments that will target your unique pest problem. They can protect your home and family and will provide you with year round protection: a different treatment for each season. We also utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and procedures to minimize the use of pesticides in our treatments which is better for your home, your family and for our environment in Cache Valley.

Contact Elevate Pest Control for all of your pest problems this fall and throughout the year. To keep your home insect and rodent free all year long, you can call Elevate Pest Control. Our locations throughout Cache Valley make us a convenient choice for homes and businesses experiencing pest infestations. We are ready to assist you today with reliable and effective pest control solutions.

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