How To Treat Ant Infestations

Ants can be a major problem for your home or business. If you are not treating the outside of you home for pests on a regular basis, ants will establish scent trails which will lead into your house. Once these trails are in place, you must use more than just spray (insecticides, pesticides) to stop them from entering.

Ants typically enter in homes and apartments looking and seeking for food or shelter. Understanding the behavior of ants will help you with the recommended pest control procedures. Ants enter through the smallest openings and are in search for sweet based food, protein, or grease based foods. Once they find a food source, ants will leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow.

Professional Pest Control

Most do-it-yourself ant control approaches kill only the ants you see, not the actual source. Effective treatments from professionals can penetrate and destroy nests to help prevent these pests from returning. Also, home remedies treatments don’t take account that different kinds of ant infestations require different treatments.

When it comes to ant control companies, it’s important to choose a partner you can trust to help protect your biggest investments – your home and family. There are a lot of varieties of ant control, not to mention many pest control companies. When selecting a pest control company it’s important to ask which solutions and tools they will be using. Elevate Pest Control uses safe ant control solutions with the most advanced technology in the industry.

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