How to Prevent Mice from Coming in Your Logan Home

At Elevate Pest Control, we concentrate on helping you get rid of small pests like termites, ants, spiders, and more, however, we know that mice are considered pests as well and they can be quite a nuisance if they decide to use your home as a shelter.

Once cold temperatures hit, mice and rats search for safe areas to keep warm, and if there’s an entry point in your home that’s big enough for them to scurry through, they’ll take advantage of it. Once they’re inside, they can easily chew or gnaw through furniture or walls to find a place for nesting and chew through softer items for nesting materials (including clothing, pillows, blankets, insulation, books, and more). What’s worse, these rodents tend to chew through nearly anything nearby, including electrical wires, which can cause shortages and in some cases, fires.

To keep mice and rats out of your home this fall and winter, take some advice from our Logan pest control company:

Seal It Up

If you have any holes or cracks in your home, make sure that you seal them up with caulk or an expandable foam. These include openings in doors, windows, walls, cable outlets, chimney flashing, and any other area. Because they’re small mice can wiggle their way through even the smallest of holes, so sealing them up will help prevent entry.


In addition to shelter, mice are constantly seeking food, which means if your home is messy with crumbs, spills, unsealed containers, and other ways to easily access food, you may draw in some unwelcome visitors. Keep your home clean and you’ll decrease the chances of luring in mice.


Today, there are a variety of mice repellents on the market that you can use around your home as a deterrent (including sprays, pouches, and pellets). If you like the more natural route, you can try things like peppermint oil, fabric softener sheets, moth balls, cloves, or ammonia, which are all said to ward off mice.

Professional Mice Control

Elevate Pest Control’s treatment is designed around your specific home, your family and your pets. Don’t ignore the signs. Mice, rodent infestation is costly and unhealthy, ignoring the signs only compound the problem. If you suspect you have a problem contact Elevate Pest Control for a free examination.

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