How to Stop Ants from Coming into Your Home

Ants are useful insects outside the house as they perform an important clean-up task at a small scale. They can however get into the house and become a real problem. Houses have hollow walls. If the ants get somehow into the wall through a crack then they get suddenly access to almost any room in the house.

Ants are really not much interested in our houses. It’s too dry there and if you have an air conditioning then they find it as well a bit too cold. However ants are constantly looking for food. The floor under the dinner table or the kitchen can be a paradise for them especially when you have small children leaving small amounts of food on the floor.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

The common mistake everyone makes is that they start looking for ways out, when the problem has occurred. Why not prevent its appearance? Especially when it is not that hard. In order to prevent ant infestation, keep to the following tips:

  • Keep your house clean, especially the kitchen, as ants get attracted by food sources. Cover attracting substance tightly and clean the furniture surface.
  • Sweep the floor after meals, even little messes can attract ants.
  • Always cover the foods you don’t hide in fridge.
  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wash them up after each meal.
  • Keep trash cans and bins far from your house.
  • Take the trash out every day.
  • Don’t allow moisture to accommodate on counters and other surfaces, as ants keep looking for water out wherever they can find it and stay near its sources.


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