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If you are looking for a summertime activity for the family near Westminster, you can head for some rollercoasters at the Lakeside Amusement Park or you can hit the waterslides at Water World, Colorado. There are plenty of things for you to around Westminster. If you are looking a local professional pest control right here in Westminster, you can grab your phone and call Elevate Pest Control. We have the tools, experience, knowledge and training to give you the pest control experience you deserve. No matter what is infesting you home our yard, you can count on us. When you want real results for pest control in Westminster, it is time to call in the professionals.

Common Outdoor Pests

Sometimes the inside of your home is safe from infestations, but every time you step outdoors you are assaulted by invaders. One of the best reasons for calling in the professionals, is we understand the invaders. We know insects, rodents, and spiders. We understand their life cycles and we know how to get them out of your yard. Here are a few common outdoor pests you might see around your home.

  • Yellow Jackets: They look like a fat honey bee, with bright yellow and dark black lines. The difference between a honey bee and a yellow jacket is the stinger. When a honey bee stings you, it leaves the stinger in your skin and the honey bee dies. A yellow jacket on the other hand, doesn’t lose its stinger. In fact, a yellow jacket can keep on stinging you, over and over again. Yellow jackets love to build their nests underground. They love sprinkler boxes and old rodent dens. The difference between yellow jackets and other stinging insects is the aggression level. Yellow jackets are extremely aggressive and do not need a reason to sting you. Often, people get stung for no reason.
  • Wasps: Like yellow jackets, wasps have a rapid repeat stinger. Wasps love to build their papery nests under the eaves of your home. Their aggression level increases during times of drought, and when the weather gets hot. You should never stand directly under a wasp nest and spray it with chemical. The chemical you are using to kill the wasps will rain down on your head and shoulders. Exposure to pesticides can make you extremely sick.

Common Indoor Pests

You love your home because it offers shelter, food, and water. Pests love your home for all the same reasons. If there is a way into your home pests are going to find it. Here are a few of the common indoor pests that might require you to use Elevate Pest Control for your Westminster pest control needs.

  • Rodents: The biggest issue with rodents is the diseases they can transmit. Rats, mice, and squirrels all carry a number of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. If you eat food or drink water that has been contaminated with rat or mice droppings, you can get really sick. If you sweep in an area that has been infested with, you can potentially breathe in the illnesses. In fact, breathing in air contaminated with mice urine or feces is how you get the Hantavirus.
  • Bed Bugs: Your home could be full of snacks, but that is not what a bed bug wants. Bed bugs are after one thing, and it is your blood. Bed bugs entire diet is blood. You can easily transmit bed bugs into your home if you visit a location that has a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs love to hitchhike in backpacks, purses, duffle bags, luggage, and even on your clothing. Once inside you home, they will hide and wait until you are asleep. That is when the bed bugs come out to play.

Elevate Pest Control

First off, if you have a pest infestation you don’t need to panic. The first thing to do is give us a call at Elevate Pest Control. No matter how big the infestation, or how scary the pest, we have the tools and training needed to get them out of your home or yard. When you call Elevate Pest Control, you are putting our years of pest eradication and extermination experience to work for you. When you need pest control in Westminster, think Elevate Pest Control.

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