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The quiet, cozy atmosphere in Smithfield, Utah is what residents love about the town. The large college town of Logan, Utah just next door often leaks college students into the charming Smithfield boundaries because, despite the commute to school, it is a safe and beautiful place to live. Main Street, with its wide lanes and quaint, historic shops that line the road, gives you that feeling that you have stepped back into those peaceful, “good ol’ days” where kids ran around without a care and nobody locked their doors. If you live in Smithfield however, and you have an ant problem, we know that your peaceful, carefree days are few and far between. Ants have a way of really shredding your sanity. Ants can bite but these pests are not really deadly or dangerous, they are purely a nuisance pest and can drive you completely crazy. They are determined and relentless and in order to completely rid your life of this stressful pest, you need professional Smithfield ant control.

Why ants never retreat

When it comes to ants, think of them like the most sophisticated and organized civilization. As scientists learn more and more about ants, these creatures have astounded and baffled us. Every ant has a duty and a job in the colony. The queen is highly regarded and important as she lays the eggs and continues to populate the colony. The drones are the male ants who mate with the queen. The worker ants, who are sterile female ants, hunt and gather food. Last, the soldier ants who are also female, defend the nest. They have oversized mandibles and together these ants will swarm and kill any threatening insect coming near the colony. All these ants work together in beautiful harmony and can live for decades. Each worker ant has a lifespan of 1-3 years but the queen can live up to 30 years. So while workers come and go, the queen is busily laying eggs to replenish the lost ants. A queen can lay up to a THOUSAND eggs per day! So while you think that can of ant spray might be helping, it’s not. The colony those ants came from most likely has millions and millions of ants. You will never be rid of this problem unless you get help from Elevate Pest Control.

How Elevate Pest Control can help you

The bug spray aisle has dozens of pest control sprays, baits and traps and when you find you have an ant problem, this might be the first place you will go. But wait—stop. You need to be strategic with your plan. Their highly organized society has developed finely tuned methods of surviving attacks over the millions of years they have been on this earth and a little drugstore ant spray is not going to stop them. Often, it even makes the problem worse as it can scatter and break up a colony, thus causing multiple colonies to form with their own queen. Really good pest control technicians understand the behavior of ants and how to deliberately take them down. It starts with first sealing up your fortress. Finding the ants’ point of entrance into your home and cutting them off is your first line of defense. Next, Elevate Pest Control technicians use the most cutting edge treatments to attack. Ant control has come a long way and our treatments are both lethal to ants but safe for humans. You wouldn’t want to spread around toxic chemicals just to get rid of ants. When you combine the expert knowledge of how ants behave with the effective ant control treatments from Elevate Pest Control, you get a happy, ant free home.

When ants invade your territory, it’s time to fight back. You cannot win a war fighting alone, so you need the help of trained pest control fighting soldiers and Elevate Pest Control in Smithfield is that army that will stand with you till the end. Call us today!


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