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Mendon is a small town in the Utah’s breathtaking Cache County. It was established in 1858 but since then, it has still maintained it’s peaceful, quiet atmosphere. With the bustling and ever growing city of Logan 11 miles away, Mendon still feels tucked away and hidden from the city noise. The quiet neighborhoods, farm houses and historic pioneer homes are reminders of Mendon’s commitment to family, culture and its history. One thing that, no matter how hard you try, is part of Mendon’s past, present and future are pests. As endearing as this town is, pests are an obnoxious resident that are ever present. In a small town with fewer structures than the city, there are not as many places they can find shelter. Your home might as well be the pot of gold at the end of their rainbow. They will do anything to get inside for food and protection from the weather.

Make your home a fortress of defense

As your home ages, it wears down. Weather stripping and window/door seals crack and deteriorate allowing for small pests to sneak in. The exterior of your home is also vulnerable to the changes in weather as cracks appear or pest force their way inside. Rodents, for instance, have very strong teeth and jaws. In times of extreme desperation for food and shelter, they can chew their way through most substances to create openings. Once inside, pests find hiding places where they can quietly nest and reproduce. When no one is looking, they will steal food and supplies for their offspring and colony. Homeowners are often completely unaware of the growing infestation until it is too late and the pests have multiplied dramatically. By this point, combatting a pest infestation alone is daunting if not impossible. You need experienced Mendon pest control services to effectively remove every single pest, otherwise the problem will continue.

Guaranteed pest removal

When you have a pest infestation, you need assurance that EVERY pest is gone. If even one pest is left behind, you could start the whole process over again. Elevate Pest Control is extremely thorough for all your Mendon pest control needs. We strive for happy customers and complete pest removal. However, just because pests are gone today doesn’t mean they won’t try and come back tomorrow. If a particular pest is troublesome in your area, you will need routine pest inspections to ensure that pest is not returning. Pests have keen senses and their instincts tell them your home has the warmth and food they need to survive. They will continue to get in to stay alive. Routine pest inspections give you that peace of mind that your home is still pest free and destructive pests have not crept in under your nose.

Elevate Pest Control cares

Our friendly team of Mendon pest control technicians delivers the most professional, comprehensive and experienced pest services you can find. We use only the most effective, yet safe and non-toxic pest control. Call us today to schedule an inspection.

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