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When summer hits, it’s time to fire up the grill and start barbequing. Add in some chips and soda and you have the ideal summer meal. Unfortunately, sugary drinks and meaty meats are the very things that attract wasps and yellow jackets. During the late summer, wasps and yellow jackets are trying to get as much food as possible to feed all their new hatchlings. They want your meal. In order to keep the stingers away, you can call Elevate Pest Control for effective wasp control in Logan. We can help you protect your family and friends from stinging stingers.

Wasps vs Yellow Jackets

If it stings, you automatically don’t like it. However, wasps and yellow jackets are different. They build their nests in different locations, and they have different personalities. Take wasps for instance. Wasps build their papery nests under the eaves of your home. If you have any dense bushes in your landscaping, they will build their nests inside of that as well. The main thing with wasps is they need to protect their nest from the elements. Yellow jackets prefer to build their nests underground. They love using abandoned rodent dens and well as the sprinkler boxes in your lawn. We have even found them in old couches. Another difference between wasps and yellow jackets are their aggression levels. During the early part of the year, wasps are not very aggressive. During late summer and especially drought conditions, they become much more aggressive. Yellow jackets are always aggressive. Both wasps and yellow jackets will sting you, but if you get to close to a nest of yellow jackets, they are going to use their sharp mandibles to bite you as well.

Another Big Problem

Getting stung is never fun, but did you know that there is another concern with stinging insects? The other concern is the chemicals you decide to use for treatment. Since wasp nests are often located high up on a home, homeowners decide to fill a tank and go to work spraying. What they don’t realize is that gravity is not working in their favor. While spraying upwards, the chemical is also raining back downwards. It will land on your head and your shoulders. As the chemicals soak into your skin, your body can react to the pesticides. There have been numerous cases where a person has had to be hospitalized because they had too much contact with the chemical they were using to eliminate wasps. The best thing you can do for your safety is to leave the wasp killing for the professionals.

Elevate Pest Control for Your Professional Wasp Control Service

Since we are a professional wasp control service, we have all of the tools and equipment needed to keep us safe. When we arrive to your home, we identify the problem wasps or yellow jackets and then we go to work. We have specialized formulas that are hard on wasps, yet safe for the environment. We are serious about wasp elimination and the safety of your home and family. We avoid chemicals that pollute and degrade our waters. Instead, we use scientifically proven control methods that stop wasps in their tracks. When are looking for a professional, you need Elevate Pest Control. We stop wasps and yellow jackets.


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