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You invite friends and family over for a fine outdoor barbecue. You fire up the grill as your invitees begin to arrive. As the smoke rises, it agitates a wasp nest. Suddenly, wasps are descending on your guests and panic breaks out. People are running and screaming. Some are injured. Food is everywhere. Your barbecue is ruined.

While the above story may be slightly over the top, the fact remains that you don’t want to be inviting guests over when there is the potential risk of a wasp nest. Firstly, you can be sued if the wasps sting any of your guests. While your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover the costs of their medical expenses and pain and suffering, it’s embarrassing and easily avoidable.

The pest control experts at Elevate Pest Control can remove wasp nests from your property safely and easily. If there’s a wasp nest on your property that is preventing you from enjoying your backyard and deck, give us a call or contact us online to set up an appointment.

Wasps and Yellowjackets and Hornets (Oh My)

Stinging insects are fairly scary regardless of what kind they are. They raise your blood pressure. They cause you to flail. In this regard, they are all alike. However, they have distinct differences that you are unlikely to notice as you attempt to flee or swat them.

For instance, there are a number of different kinds of bees. bumblebees and honeybees are just two examples. Both possess stingers, but the bumblebee has a characteristic yellow stripe on their back. For that reason, they are often confused with yellowjackets.

Yellowjackets are not bees at all. They are actually wasps. In fact, yellowjackets are the most common kind of wasp that you will find in the United States. Instead of having one stripe down their back, like bees, yellowjackets have alternating stripes.

Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times without any repercussion. Wasps are predators but will generally not attack humans unless they feel that their home is threatened. On the other hand, they don’t necessarily make calculated judgments or size up the situation correctly. On top of that, wasps are aggressive—more aggressive than bees.

Hornets are also quite aggressive and also a kind of wasp. They feed on bees and other insects and will chew up the wood along your roof in order to build their nests. Hornets, like wasps, can sting you multiple times without injuring themselves.

Understanding the Wasp’s Tendencies

Unlike other kinds of stinging insects, wasps have a tendency to build their nests in elevated areas. They are particularly fond of the eaves of your home, trees that may be in your backyard, and the inside of your shed.

For this reason, a number of homeowners attempt to tackle the problem themselves. While we take no issue with go-getters, there are a number of problems. In fact, some of the solutions you’ll find on the internet are downright dangerous.

You never want to burn a wasp nest. On the other hand, neither do you want to spray it with water. Neither are particularly effective and both are more likely to cause more problems than they solve. Others want to think of the wasp nest as a kind of piñata but instead of candy, a swarm of angry wasps is likely to come out of the nest. Again, these are quite dangerous and not particularly effective.

The Pest Control Professional’s Approach to Ridding Your Home of a Wasp Nest

Pest control professionals remove wasp nests safely and easily. In order to do this, we purchase expensive chemicals and safety equipment in order to protect ourselves from the wasp’s counter attack. It’s cheaper to hire us than it is to purchase the chemicals and safety equipment necessary to successfully remove the nest. Hence, the advantage of pet control specialists.

The safety gear that we employ fully protects our skin while simultaneously allowing us to breathe. In some cases, we have to navigate ladders and work in small spaces in order to remove the nest. We are trained to do just that.

Additionally, we are trained to work with the chemicals required to successfully remove the nest from your property. These chemicals tend to be dangerous and require training to safely use.

While it’s probably not beyond your capacity to safely remove the wasp nest, it is likely more work to do so safely and effectively than you’re prepared to commit.

Contact Brigham City, UT Wasp Control Professionals

For the reasons mentioned above, we recommend that the cheapest and most effective way to safely remove a wasp nest is to call Elevate Pest Control in Utah and set up and appointment immediately! Our top-rated pest control experts are eager to speak with you today.

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