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Brigham City, Utah is steeped in history and evidence of early settlers is seen all over the city. This quiet town has changed much since the Mormon settlers started cultivating the land. Now, Brigham City is full of shopping, restaurants and sprawling neighborhoods. It’s the perfect place to raise a family. For the animal lovers, the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is not to be missed! The visitor’s center is a great place to acquaint you with the birds in the area and then a guided, driving tour around the refuge gets you up close in their natural habitat. As humans move into the natural habitats of the creatures that were there before, nature becomes disrupted. That is never more true for neighborhoods that have to deal with the insects, animals and rodents that insist their natural habitat remain forever in, around or under their homes. Some things cannot stay forever and pests are one of those things.

Outdoor insects and animals need to remain outdoors

Unless you have personally invited an animal, reptile or insect to stay in your home as a pet, homeowners are pretty annoyed if others come in unannounced. It’s just rude. Ants are an insect that is particularly difficult to keep out since they are so small and can fit through the tiniest holes. In fact, it is reported that 55% of homeowners struggle with ant infestations each year. Whether it be in your kitchen, bathrooms, basement, shed or garage, ants can find something to snack on. Though ants do not spread disease like cockroaches or rodents, they get into just about everything, especially any area with high moisture content, sugary substances or crumbs. Ants are the worst of all nuisance pests, mostly because they are so common and difficult to get rid of. But not for a trained professional!

Do not risk injury with DIY pest control

There are many pests that are quite dangerous and can cause great bodily harm to yourself or your family. Bees and wasps for instance, are a dangerous pest to have in great numbers around your home. A small number of bees occasionally buzzing around your flowers keeps them pollinated and healthy. But if hives of bees or nests full of wasps are cropping up around your yard, this creates stress for you and your children, especially if someone gets stung. Spiders are another dangerous pest around the home. While many spiders do not bite or bother humans, the mere presence for some people causes great distress. There are also several species of spiders, such as the black widow or brown recluse, whose bites can bring about grave danger. Immediate medical attention is required for these bites. When it comes to these dangerous pests, you do not want to mess around with ineffective, DIY pest control. Professional Brigham City pest control will keep your family safe.

Let Elevate Pest Control alleviate your concerns

Our unique business approach makes our customers feel important. We don’t want to just fix a problem, we want to keep your home and family protected for years to come. Establishing relationships of trust and great customer service as we safeguard your home is what we are all about. We respect and appreciate your business and look forward to every interaction. Our purpose is to create the best customer experience possible.

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