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Grantsville has been considered one of Utah’s small towns for many decades, up until the last 10 years or so. As Utah’s growth continues to spread outwards from the larger cities, smaller towns such as Grantsville has seen significant growth. Beautiful, new neighborhoods are cropping up among the older homes, blending the town into an attractive, developing town. Delicious mom n’ pop restaurants like Hickory Grill, American Burgers and Taco Man are great places to bump into neighbors or for teenagers to grab a bite to eat on the weekends. Just as Grantsville will continue to grow and flourish, so will the pest infestations around your house unless you do something about it. The longer you allow a pest problem to linger, the bigger the problem will get and the more trouble you will have. What starts out as a small issue, can get really expensive quickly as pests destroy your home and possessions. It is vital to call in professional Grantsville pest control ASAP.

Pests are an expensive problem  

Pest damage yearly amounts to billions of dollars in loss. In just the United States alone, termites cause more than 5 billion dollars of loss and damage. Rodents are equally as destructive. These pests invade approximately 21 million homes each year. In a recent study, 29% of American homes have experienced a rodent infestation. Pest infestations happen all year long but the most common times for pests to infest are fall and winter as they are looking for food and shelter. Spiders are another shelter seeker. While some species of spiders only live 6-12 months, there are others that can live for a few years at time. Their survival depends entirely on finding shelter and safety from the harsh elements and temperatures of fall and winter. Your home is that safe haven they need to survive. But you’re not running a charity institution for sad and abandoned pests! It’s your home! Keep your home and family safe with routine pest inspections.

Routine inspections safeguards your investments

Scheduling routine pest inspections stops pest infestations in their tracks. Removing the beginnings of an ant infestation is a lot easier than removing an entire colony swarming through your walls. Catching a couple determined mice is a simpler task than rounding up hundreds of vermin getting into your pantry. The money you spend by arranging routine Grantsville pest control inspections is a paltry sum in comparison to the money you could spend removing a disastrous, infesting pest problem that could have been avoided. Don’t take any chances with your greatest investments, that of your home and family.

Peace of mind with professional experience

Selecting Elevate Pest Control to prevent and remove pest infestations is a good choice. Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians know exactly where to look and how remove the entire problem. Even leaving one mouse behind could start the whole problem again. We believe firmly in the “no pest left behind” policy and firmly stand by that credo. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and making you happy makes us happy. Call Elevate Pest Control today!

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