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The number of people living in Erie and our location at the base of the Rocky Mountains both contribute to the existence of numerous pests in the area. Rodents, in particular, can be a real nuisance. In addition to causing extensive damage in and around your home or business, they also pose significant health risks. To keep them from becoming a major threat, reach out to our Erie pest control experts. At Elevate Pest Control, we can uncover common areas where rodents typically hide while using safe, effective methods to eliminate them. 

Identifying Common Rodents In Erie, CO

The National Park Service advises that rodents are the most common species of mammal found in the Rocky Mountains. It is not uncommon for them to make their way into homes and businesses throughout Erie in search of food. At Elevate Pest Control, we handle calls regularly regarding rodents in suburban homes, in college dorms, and in the local shops that dot our area. As highly trained and experienced Erie pest control experts, we help eliminate rodents, preventing infestations and keeping them from returning in the future. Common types of rodents you are most likely to encounter in Erie include: 

  • House mice: These are small brown or grey creatures with long tails. While many people think house mice are generally harmless, these small, brown rodents are actually quite destructive and carry germs that can cause potentially serious diseases. 
  • Norway rats: Brown in color but larger than mice and with longer tails, these carnivores come out at night in search of food, invading kitchen and pantry areas. 
  • Roof rats: As their name implies, roof rats often live in attics and ceiling spaces. Thinner than rats but with long tails similar to mice, they can chew through your belongings as well as through wiring, wood, and insulation.
  • Voles: Burrowed holes in your yard and landscaping that you attribute to gophers or other creatures may actually be caused by voles. Similar in appearance to mice but with shorter tails, they can quickly destroy plants and other vegetation on your property. 

Common Signs You May Have A Rodent Infestation

Rodents are small and typically nocturnal creatures, coming out primarily at night to search for food while staying hidden for most of the day. This can make them difficult for those without the proper training to spot. More likely, there will be certain signs you will notice. These include: 

  • Scratching or clawing sounds coming from walls or ceilings;
  • Small holes in baseboards or at the backs of cabinets and closets;
  • Finding clothes, books, or other belongings that have obvious chew marks;
  • Problems with wiring or insulation, which often occurs when rodents nest.  

At the first signs of a possible problem, it is important to get our Erie pest control experts on your side. Rodents breed quickly and often remain in the same location for multiple generations. If you see one or even a few small signs, you likely have a larger problem on your hands. 

The Dangers Of Rodents

In addition to the damage they can cause around your home or business, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that rodents can spread more than 35 potentially dangerous diseases. They leave trails of waste, which may be difficult to detect, throughout your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, and pantry spaces are all common targets for rodents. Being exposed to these droppings can put you at risk for diseases transmitted directly or indirectly by rodents. Common symptoms are likely to include:

  • Headaches and body pain;
  • Fever and chills;
  • Respiratory problems;
  • Nausea, vomiting, and unexplained weight loss. 

Children and those with already lowered immune systems are likely to be more susceptible to germs and diseases caused by rodents. Unfortunately, your attempts to eradicate the problem may only make matters worse. Laying rat traps and baits put you in close proximity to droppings while over the counter rodent poison is highly toxic to both you and your pets. 

Let Our Local Rodent Control Professionals Protect You

At Elevate Pest Control, we protect you against diseases and property damage caused by rodents. As highly trained professionals, our pest control experts can quickly identify the type of rodent you are dealing with and areas they may be hiding in and around your home. We can then apply the appropriate treatments and have the tools and equipment needed to ensure the job is done safely and effectively. To eliminate possible rodent problems and to keep them from returning in the future, call or contact our Erie rodent exterminators online and request a free inspection today. 

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